My Food Bag needed to launch MADE, a read-made meal solution to busy New Zealanders.  However they wanted to ensure very little cross over with their current My Food Bag customers, the heartland who were families.

Our challenge was to engage millennial’s – those young professionals at the start of their careers, often doing the hard yards to establish themselves.


Millennial’s are used to engaging with advertisers on their own terms. Their media habits, largely digital allow them to choose who and when they engage, curators their own content.

We got that we had to ‘get’ their world in order to engage with them.

It had to be – in their language, in the right moment, and unblockable

We therefore set out to engage busy millennial’s by starting a conversation with them, in their language.


To show that MADE had a place in their busy world, we worked with Saatchi & Saatchi to create a range of messaging.

This ‘moment’ messages were developed based on three categories

  • Contextual
  • Day & time targeted
  • Placement specific

Multiple messages ran across 117 digital OOH placements. This included digital office screen placements with light-hearted creative tailored to businesses in the building, Location specific street furniture time targeted to a potential ‘moment of need’ e.g. leaving university, catching the bus home from work, leaving the gym.


We introduced a whole new generation to My Food Bag!  Launch targets were met with very little cannibalisation from current My Food Bag subscribers.