In 2016, Steinlager was at the centre of an (im)perfect storm: Mainstream beer, making up 52% of the market, was down 5.2%. Simultaneously, the mainstream beer category was taking a hit from craft beer, which was on the constant rise. In a nutshell, research showed that the new generation of drinkers had simply lost the taste (and love) for beer, despite the staggering fact that 1,329 new products launched into the beer category that year.

The challenge was enormous: how could we reignite the category, differentiate ourselves, make beer relevant to this new generation and drive sales?

Idea & Insight

Through extensive research that put people at the heart of the process, a notable generational shift had occurred alongside the concurrent coming of age of this new generation and the internet. As a small island nation, previous generations were once more insulated, with a constant need to prove they could “take on the world”, however with the rise of a digital, borderless world, young kiwis now instead considered themselves global citizens – free to experience & collaborate with the world as they please. Therefore the need to remove all barriers and authentically get Steinlager participating in this new, borderless world was clear.

To unleash this new outlook on life, the power of blending two unique perspectives emerged,- whether that be two people, two brands or two cultures, this beautiful collision of perspectives resulted in “coming out the other side” with something completely new, fresh & exciting.

This lead to the organising idea: Welcome to the Other Side – a platform from which the audience could be introduced to something new & that would break category convention; launching using progressive media channels.



To truly connect and bring this collaboration approach to life, the stories themselves needed to be created and delivered, not by the brand, not by a creative agency, but rather via an authentic third party trusted by our target audience.

It was a no-brainer to enter into a multi-layered content partnership with Vice, which saw the creation of a video series, ‘The Other Side’, showcasing inspirational kiwis introduced to an equally talented Tokyo-ite in their chosen sub culture.

This was amplified across all of Vice’s channels, and included being the first brand partnership to appear on the newly launched television channel VICELAND. The series was raw and honest, with each of the eight minute episodes resulting in deep engagement from our audience.

Despite 1,329 new products launching into the beer category, Tokyo Dry was a gigantic success, gaining 40% of all new product sales in the beer category, and ultimately helped Steinlager reverse its decline.

In a similar vein, Tokyo Dry reached one million litres in sales more quickly than any other Lion product in over a decade.