Speight’s Summit Ultra is Speight’s low carb lager, brewed to meet the growing demands for a healthier lifestyle and the positive shift towards moderation. In launching Speight’s Summit Ultra the brand was faced with very ambitious goals.

The campaign needed to deliver year one awareness in line with lion beer category norms, drive strong trial & uptake, and ultimately contribute to positive trademark growth or Speights

Research revealed that 70% of beer drinkers were looking to moderate their consumption, however only 12% had found an option that suited them.

While this demand was ripe for the taking, for actual drinkers, liking the idea of low carb was one thing, but liking the taste & image was another.


There is an interesting tension facing the modern Kiwi bloke. Everywhere we looked, lads were stuck either trying to get into shape or enjoying a beer with mates. It was taken for granted that these had to be mutually exclusive.

No matter the choice, blokes were being forced to sacrifice something.

We therefore set out to solve this tension for kiwi blokes and give them true permission to drink Summit Ultra by removing the guilt without sacrificing any of the enjoyment.


To give punters permission to embrace beer as a part of a healthy lifestyle meant reframing “low carb” from the outset and positioning Summit Ultra as a fresh solution. The Speight’s brand heritage hails in the southern heartland, where hardworking men are rewarded for a good day’s effort.

The hard-work is the excuse to get together with mates and crack a cold one – because a beer earned tastes even sweeter.

It was a fitting argument from Speight’s for our fitness conscious blokes’ conundrum. If you want to get into shape, you don’t need to sacrifice the enjoyment in life – you just need to work harder for it!

After all, what’s the point of working so hard if you can’t reward yourself with a cold beer after?

Therein lay our idea – we’d remove the guilt and justify the enjoyment by becoming Proud Sponsors of the ‘Beer After’.


The launch of Speight’s Summit Ultra was a knockout success supercharging the brand and smashing all goals in every sense of the word.

  • Awareness levels achieved 10% above goal and the category norm
  • Sales of Summit Ultra rocketed from day one and the year 1 target was eclipsed in just 5 months
  • The Speights trademark experienced notable value growth for the first time in some years to sustained portfolio growth

ROI: For every dollar spent on the campaign a total of $2.22 was returned.