The highly competitive retail travel sector requires a continuously dynamic and innovation marketing approach to best optimise business performance.

House of Travel challenged Zenith to find new sources of online enquiry through Paid Search for their market leading packaged holidays. As tech savvy travelers continue to build their own holiday experiences online, Zenith needed fresh digital insights to drive genuine paid search leads.

The challenge for Paid Search however is that driving a single conversion type, e.g. Online Booking, Calls or Enquiry, cannot be independently optimized to deliver more volume over another conversion type.


To overcome this challenge Zenith needed to put people first.

Zenith began the process of identifying insights from extensive analysis of user engagement & conversion data across all traffic channels and devices.

Zenith found that new and returning website users first real intent was to make contact directly with a ‘Travel Expert’ via available website Call channels as the user’s first step, – despite the drive to online sales and enquiry, our users actually really wanted to just talk to another human.  This behavioral insight made the task to deliver paid search enquiries alone a challenge, as the user’s preference was to Call first, rather than generate a website Enquiry.

The agency therefore proposed a completely new holistic, ‘user first’ approach identifying, mapping and quantifying natural behaviour. This behaviour driven strategy allowed us to optimise paid search to collectively grow all conversion types, Online Bookings, Calls & Online Enquiries. Through examination and understanding of the user experience the modified paid search strategy Zenith transformed House of Travel’s online conversions, ultimately generating growth across all channels, not just that of online sales.


Zenith continued to deliver high quality website users with the highest intent based on optimizing campaigns with Search Ads 360 & Google Analytics historical data. This created a broader ‘user centric’ approach to generating more user data to work with and increasing the opportunity for Travel Experts to engage with, at the right time, in the right way in relation with the

user’s preferred channel of contact. This new perspective and approach opened the users to naturally engage with the website, as they preferred, while decreasing travel research journey flow friction, delivering improvements across all conversions types.