House of Travel enriches Kiwis lives through travel with the belief that travel experiences are better created together.  A tangible demonstration of the ‘Better Together’ ethos was needed to compliment the brand promise. Our challenge was to drive consideration through inspiring a new generation of customers whilst driving deeper engagement and understanding of our existing customers.


The House of Travel Bucket List. To demonstrate why holidays are created better together, we set out on a mission to make Kiwis Travel Bucket List dreams bigger. An inspiring and interactive online platform would invite travellers’ to dream, create and share their travel Bucket Lists.


The ‘Get a Better Bucket List” call to action message was delivered across mass Print, Digital Video, Display, Radio, Social and OOH enticing Kiwis to create and plan their own bucket list dreams. As mass channels drove notable interest and awareness, PR and radio got the conversation moving. The crucial digital channels enabled personalised travel specific messaging and remarketing.

The Bucket List site itself housed inspiring content across numerous destinations around the globe.  Those entering the competition would receive specific travel destination inspiration and personalised offers specific to their Bucket List holiday.


More than 25,000 Kiwis registered to “Get a Better Bucket list”, providing valuable insight on New Zealand’s 2020 travel interests allowing House of Travel to deliver the ‘Better Together’ promise.