In the past year, Schwarzkopf NZ had happily maintained its leadership status in the Hair Colour category, however was struggling with growth across the brand portfolio, particularly in Style & Care.

Through Zenith’s proprietary tools, we were able to demonstrate that whilst Schwarzkopf’s global assets were driving strong brand awareness, there was a considerable drop off when it came to the consideration-to-purchase phase of the customer journey.

Therefore our challenge was tricky, how do we drive stronger consideration (in order to drive purchase) whilst armed with only global assets, purely aimed to garner mass awareness?

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Insight & Idea

Using a combination of Nielsen audience data and our proprietary ‘Touchpoint Tracker’, we were able to determine that NZ women were extremely digitally savvy and very mobile centric – consumer more content even during traditional TV consumption periods. Similarly, they were more likely to purchase brands that they had read reviews on, gained knowledge through “how-to” videos, and seek recommendations from search and experts.

With this in mind, our strategy was to strengthen Schwarzkopf’s ‘style and care’ range by aligning with a strong, leading media partner in order to create local Schwarzkopf owned content – ultimately elevating the brand’s credibility to become the principal voice NZ women turned to for haircare.