In a competitive snacking market, where innovation is king, Arnott’s introduced new Arnott’s Cracker Chips – a new and different snack fusing together a cracker & a chip to take flavour and crunch to the next level.

Our challenge was to prompt trial and ultimately achieve category share.


We wanted to access the ‘Indulgent’ occasion. All indulgence occasions are a bit special, worthy of having something you love and never denying yourself. When a chip just isn’t special enough, we want them to reach for Cracker Chips and be “Platter Proud”


Sampling and word of mouth were key to our strategy for trial. Our sampling layer put cracker chips in the hands of Movie festival goers, Fashion week goodie Bags and My Food Bag subscriptions.

To accompany the sampling, My Food bag chefs created a recipe card of dips to perfectly compliment the new Cracker Chip.

We partnered with Bauer and within the editor’s own kitchen, we created the ultimate platter which was then populated throughout all Bauer platforms as video, a DPS spread and written online and in magazine content.

Social influencer, “Platter Proud” content was then activated over the campaign with influencers posting pics of their platter creations using Arnott’s Cracker Chips.


The campaign had huge engagement.  Arnott’s Cracker Chips are now here to stay! They have experienced unprecedented share growth, now placed 2nd for share in their category.